Finally an Affordable Studio Experience


Pricing varies according to your project. We do not quote cost "by the hour" as is the case elsewhere.  Did you know that it could take several hours to mic a drum set? Did you know that recording sessions can go several hours, even days??  Did you know editing and mixing your project can take many hours?  These hours accumulate and before you know it, the studio that charges you $30, $40, $50 per hour can cost you thousands of dollars before you even go to press.

We at Small Pond Studios are working musicians who love the process of making your recording right for you. We quote you a cost PER SONG. If it takes 2 hours or 10 days we charge the same. No hidden charges at our recording studio, no add ons for this or that and no extra cost per musician. 

(Live sound reinforcement costs are under another contract and varies with the venue.)

$250 PER SONG!

We are currently making this offer to assist in developing our client base.

Paying exhorbitant fees does not necessarily make a better product

What matters is the dedication and diligence that we put into every project that we do. We will give you that dedication and diligence and promise you satisfaction.

Contact us now and we can get you started. You have nothing to lose by talking!

Live Sound Reinforcement and Live Recording


Small Pond Studio is  a division of Small Pond Sound.

We use the most advanced digital recording software and hardware to record, mix, and master your music.

We have drums, guitars, keyboards and amps to help you create your unique sound. 

We can also use your STEMS from a previous recording, record your track and send it off to the original studio,  saving you time, travel and money. 

Small Pond Sound Publishes the work of Small Pond Studio and 

provides live sound reinforcement (PA System) and the engineering team to make your sound the best it could be .

Call: (800) 934-3951